Our Team

Team Member Title, Experience Summary
glen.jpg Glen Ghilotti, Founder/President

  • With 30 years of engineering construction experience, Glen has “been there, done that” with every conceivable phase of the business, from changing oil and driving a truck as a teen to running a $25 million per year business.
  • He created Team Ghilotti so he could pursue his own vision after three decades of working with family-owned entities.
  • Glen is a respected community leader, estimator, project manager, boss and friend to his colleagues.
  • He lives in Petaluma with his wife Genevieve and between them, they have five children.
  • In his spare time, he tinkers with antique Caterpillars.
Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee, Field Superintendent

  • Robert holds more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry.
  • He is the ideal fit to keep our crews operating in a safe, efficient manner, with quality workmanship.
  • Rob has overseen all field operations and has been a key role in our business model.
Steve Mack Steve Mack, Field Coordinator & SWPPP

  • With 29 years of experience, Steven is the optimum fit here at Team Ghilotti for all areas of construction.
  • Steve helps ensure the safety of our crews, managing equipment, and assisting in all areas of project management.
  • Steve’s interests include fishing, shooting, racing and cooking.
kevin_ghilotti.jpg Kevin Ghilotti, Dispatch

  • Since graduating from Sonoma Valley High School, Kevin has joined Team Ghilotti and is in charge of the Web site, dispatching, CARB & field safety.
  • As a fourth generation engineering construction employee, Kevin was fed a steady diet of concrete, trucks and equipment from a young age.
  • His hobbies include digital photography, movie editing and computers.
Steve Kaehler Steve Kaehler, Master Mechanic

  • With 24 years of experience as a Heavy Duty Repairman (HDR), Steven is the perfect fit to keep Team Ghilotti’s equipment in excellent operating condition.
  • Steven first became interested in mechanics at nine years of age after spending time racing cars with his father in Petaluma.
  • Steve, his wife, Debbie, and two children, Corey and Caitlin live in Petaluma.
dan-mercury.jpg Dan Mercury, Service Manager

  • Dan has been in the Labor Union for 35 years.
  • With all of that experience, Team Ghilotti now has the perfect man for this job.
  • He supervises the maintenance and repair of city, county and various districts that own sewer, water and storm drain pipes.
  • When not working, Dan enjoys hunting and fishing; he is an active member of the National Wild Turkey Federation.
Joe Moreira Joe Moreira, Project Manager

  • With over 20 years of experience in construction, Joe is the ideal fit to keep Team Ghilotti’s jobs running smoothly.
  • Joe has managed several key projects including a 12” Water Pipeline Rehabilitation in St. Helena.
  • Joe Moreira is experienced with both public and private work.
Al Texeira, Project Manager Al Texeira, Service Manager

  • 42 Years in the labor field – specializing in paving and grinding
  • Nascar enthusiast – Enjoys driving his 07 Shelby Mustang GT & 2001 WS6 transam
mike-scaicca.jpg Mike Sciacca, Paving Manager

  • In charge of Team Ghilotti’s Paving Department, Mike has been working hard, running paving crews and operating paving machines for 20 years.
  • A talented operator, Mike has expertise in all fields of construction, but specializes in grading and paving.
  • When not working Mike enjoys spending quality time with his family, boating and riding dirt bikes.
ed-ponte.jpg Ed Ponte, Grading Manager

  • With 14 years of experience in surface excavation, Ed is a wonderful addition to Team Ghilotti.
  • A Petaluma native, he has been moving dirt for as long as he can remember.
  • Ed and his wife Tracy of 17 years live in West Petaluma with their two children.
Juan Avelar Juan Avelar, Underground Foreman

  • Been doing underground for 17+ years
  • Joined the team in 2012
  • Enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 kids.
John Merz John Merz, Lead Carpenter

  • 4th Generation carpenter
  • Been in the carpenters union since 1975
  • Hobbies: Trout Fishing, going off-roading in his jeep
Abel Ochoa Abel Ochoa, Lead Pipe Labor

  • 33 years laying pipe
  • Hobbies are hunting and fishing
  • 3 Kids
Mack Mack (English Bulldog), Company Mascot

  • Mack is Team Ghilotti’s proud mascot.
  • If he is not sun bathing he is chasing the Mack Trucks around.
  • Come see him when you visit.

Feel free to call Team Ghilotti at (707) 763-8700
and we can answer any of your questions.